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01.0.2013 15:00 | Categories:

For several years has been a fixed address among the railway and travel photo galleries. After more than five years of successful operation, it was time to try something new and to fundamentally revise the existing webspace . The previously used Menalto Gallery is now replaced by Zenphoto as content and image management system.

The layout has become more individual and brighter. This is achieved by a modified variant of the zpBootstrap theme, which is built on the bootstrap tabula portfolio template. One major advantage of the new layout is the flexible representation for different screen resolutions from wide screens to smartphones. In addition, the homepage has been significantly expanded.

The new gallery standards will feature a maximum image output resolution of at least 1280x1024 in the full screen view (slideshow), bilingual captions (English and German) and the use of tags and geo coordinates throughout the complete gallery.  Because of the required enhancements to the previous content the gallery will be updated and expanded gradually. However, a deeper look into the the already uploaded photo albums should be worthwhile. Please feel free to make comments and suggestions.